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About CIP

Center for Innovative Practices is a non-profit organization whose activities are directed towards the creation, implementation and transfer of innovations and innovative services in various fields.

The main goals of the Centre for Innovative Practices are development, implementation and transfer of sustainable innovative models, methods and services aiming to strengthen civil society, regional identity, cultural and ecological diversity, economic and social development and enhance the sustainable use of resources. 

The organization plays a very active role in the social field, especially for improving the situation of disadvantaged groups such as children and young people and their families, by introducing innovative models in informal education and social support. CIP priorities in the social sphere have resulted in the implementation of a number of projects fostering the problems of disadvantaged and marginalized groups, completed at national and international level. 

Center for Innovative practice is actively involved in promoting "green procurement" through implementation of various projects in this field.

Our team&values

We create innovations ... We are looking for innovations ... We find innovations ... We spread innovations ...

The “engine” of CIP and its main strength are 5 young, creative, highly educated and richly experienced in the sphere of project management and implementation experts, all involved at different levels in the implementation of more than 50 projects, successfully completed at regional, national and international level.



The members of  Center for Innovative Practices are individuals with varied interests in the fields of innovations, renewable energy, technology transfer, culture, education and youth.


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Project LEAD YP

The project LEAD YP: Leadership and Empowering Approaches for Disadvantaged Young People was implemented with the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union, Action 4.4 – Projects encouraging innovation and quality.

The project partners are: Lead Partner: Center for Innovative Practices – Bulgaria; Project Partner: Regional Voluntary Centre – Romania Project Partner: Turbine of Changes – CroatiaProject Partner: Asitiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Eteria “En Gnosi” – Greece.LEAD YP aimed at contributing to the creation of more and equal opportunities in education and the labour market, the enhancement of social inclusion and solidarity, and the promotion of European cooperation in the youth field using innovative and quality approaches. The project was designed with the objective to go deeper in unravelling the specific problems leading to social exclusion of disadvantaged young people, enhance their opportunities by empowering them to take the lead in their own life, through equipping them with the necessary skills to develop their full potential, increase their self- confidence, and serve as positive role-model for their peers. This objective was achieved by introducing quality approaches in informal education using innovative, integrative, and interactive methods for reaching the target groups, in particular creating the LEAD YP platform for young leaders www.leadyp.eu and organizing and conducting a one-week international summer leadership camp. LEAD YP activities were oriented towards the development of the civic capacity for successful social adaptation and integration of young people with fewer opportunities in the four project countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania. The working methods were based on the integrated approach for informal education “peers support peers”. We managed to create a strong and sustainable community of 40 young leaders with disadvantaged background from four European countries, equipping them with key competences and skills in order to develop their full potential and become successful members of their society and positive role-models for their peers.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Follow the Path of Water

“Follow the Path of Water” is a project aiming to preserve the attractiveness of the fishing area and protect the water resources of the region by implementing a complex innovative and qualitative approach for provision and raising of the awareness about the local natural resources. With the implementation of this project, the access to natural landmarks and the traditions of the fishing area will become easier, which is a necessary condition for the development of the fishing and eco tourism, as well as the tourist activities in general.

For this purpose the following will be created: Interactive map of the region, showing the location of water fountains, useful information for their qualities, routes for reaching them, as well as public information about them, and it will also promote their use from fishermen and tourists; an innovative online-based information system for easier access to the natural landmarks and the traditions of the fishing area; an improved marketing strategy for popularization of the natural resources and the cultural identity of the region and promotion of fishing and eco-tourism. Also, a Microbiological and physicochemical analysis of the water from all fountains will be done for the territory of the municipalities Glavnitsa, Tutrakan and Slivo pole, next to every fountain an information sign will be installed indicating the condition of the spring water and the history of some of the fountains.



CIP supports and facilitates the development and transfer of sustainable technologies and innovative models aimed at strengthening civil society, regional identity, cultural diversity and environmental, economic and social development. The association implements innovative policies, studies and initiatives in the field of ecology, organic farming, renewable energy, culture, education, tourism and youth.

Technology transfer

Technology transfer usually means the transfer of scientific and technical knowledge from fundamental science through applied research and development activities into the field of production and consumption. The transmission of systematic knowledge from science into production is essential for the technology transfer process. In a narrow, operational sense technology transfer emphasizes on vertical transmission processes through which technological design becomes a real production technology.


CIP offers consulting services in the field of innovation and technology transfer, including:

• Identification of innovations and technologies with high added value and commercialization potential;

• Conducting feasibility studies - preliminary selection and evaluation of production and market opportunities, necessary resources and economic feasibility;

• Identifying opportunities for EU funding of projects aimingthe development and/or commercialization of innovative technologies (OP “Innovation and Competitiveness” 2014-2020, Horizon 2020, etc.)

Project Management

Delivering project outputs on time and within budget requires strong management, organizational and problem-solving skills. Our team possesses the necessary knowledge, skill-set and motivation for the successful implementation and management of projects with different scope. Our experts are specialized in the fields of economy, finance, law, marketing, sociology and ICT. 


Follow the Path of Water



Working with CIP means you are a dreamer, you love what you do, you are doing it in the best way you know how and you are willing to become a part of the big things.

If you want to join our young and talented team, regardless of your specialty and experience, you are offered the opportunity to apply here.

For this purpose, please send your CV and contact address following the 5 simple steps:

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